How Invisalign and iTero Scanning Work Together to Perfect Your Smile

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Nothing can make a person feel more confident than having a brilliant and straight-toothed smile. Well-aligned teeth have always been prized as a personal image enhancing aesthetic touch and lend a feeling of polished poise to first impressions. In regards to physical appearance and social capital, undergoing a procedure to straighten and reshape the alignment of teeth pays off in spades. The only problem is that traditional tooth realigning methods, like bracket and wire braces, generally take up to several years to take effect and are distracting and obvious while they are at work.

Fortunately, advances in modern orthodontic technology and methods have made it possible to straighten teeth in just a few months and with an absence of clunky mouth gear. In this article, we will introduce the high-tech Invisalign and iTero method of straightening teeth, the contemporary process that best embodies the effective, subtle nature of modern teeth straightening.

What is Invisalign?

invisalignInvisalign is an alternative to traditional braces that allows for the straightening of teeth with minimal visible signs. The Invisalign process involves the creation of a series of clear dental trays, each of which is slightly adjusted to bring the alignment of teeth closer to an idealized custom arrangement of teeth based on your real mouth. The trays gently correct the alignment of teeth and are almost entirely imperceptible when worn correctly. In essence, Invisalign offers all the benefits of braces without the metal machinery. Learn more about Invisalign here.

What is iTero Scanning?
itero studio city ortho
The iTero scanner is a revolutionary device that uses light beams to map the shape of your inside mouth space. The scanning process is harmless and takes mere minutes, providing orthodontists a millimeter-accurate model of the oral cavity to work with when planning a teeth straightening course.

How are Invisalign and iTero Used Together?

Traditionally, Invisalign dental trays are made based off of a rubberized cast the orthodontist takes of your teeth. This impression is accurate enough to get a general idea of the current tooth arrangement but is flawed in that it can obscure valuable details. The casting process can also take a long time, and will sometimes need to be redone due to routine errors.

The iTero scanner has the ability to replace the cast entirely in this equation. With just a few scans, an orthodontist can create a perfectly accurate map of the current tooth alignment in just a few minutes. This map is turned into a three-dimensional model which doesn’t skimp on the details, which means that the manual reshaping process does not suffer in quality from lack of information. Scans are also far less likely to be wrong than casts are, saving the patient extra trips for tray fittings. In essence, the Invisalign teeth straightening process goes with the iTero like it was specifically designed to work with it.

If you are considering Invisalign tooth straightening, think about requesting iTero scanning services as well. Using the two technologies together can help you get unparalleled results. With Invisalign and iTero scanning, you’ll be smiling your widest in no time.

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